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The Hinterland of Romagna

Holidays Emilia Romagna

Your journey to discover the hinterland of Romagna is intense and you can see beautiful natural landscapes, just in the middle of verdant hills and the beautiful coast. The hinterland of Rimini is wonderful, full of beautiful places, ancient towns and villages rich in history and tradition.

A visit in San Marino, known as the ancient land of Free, is a must. San Marino is a small independent state that is located on a rocky cliff overlooking the Adriatic coast, consisting of 9 castles located on the summit of Monte Titano. Inside the ancient walls you will find squares, palaces, museums and house of medieval times.

Santarcangelo and its characteristic medieval village can you feel breathless, and with a walk through the intricate streets will make you discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Romagna.

San Leo is a wonderful old village nestled on top of a rock overlooking the valley of the river Marecchia. Here you can visit a lot of points of interest, like the Pre-Romanesque Pieve, the Romanesque Cathedral and the famous medieval Fort.

The beauty of this famous land are not finished! Between Pesaro and Rimini there is Gradara, a city suspended between myth and history, between romance and legend, famous for its fortress and the beauty of the well preserved village, with streets that wind through historic houses and medieval palaces.