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Maximilian’s Hotels – The art of hospitality

Heritage of Elegance for your stay in Rimini & Riccione.
The Maximilian’s Hotels Group offers a wide range of solutions to fully satisfy your needs.
In Rimini and Riccione, Maximilian’s Hotels represents the Art of Hospitality.



The Abner’s Hotel in Riccione is the Sea through a window,  the perfect location for business trips and weekend getaways.


Hotel Feldberg Riccione

Hotel Feldberg Riccione 4 stelle

The Hotel Feldberg in Riccione is a modern hotel that guarantees top notch service. The hotel offers a swimming pool, facilities for children, and refined cuisine.

Hotel Tiffany's Riccione

Hotel Tiffany's Riccione 4 stelle

The Hotel Tiffany’s in Riccione is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday or a business trip. A great tradition of hospitality, the perfect location and impeccable manners for your stay on the Adriatic Coast.

Hotel Sporting Rimini

lHotel Sporting Rimini 4 stelle

The Hotel Sporting in Rimini offers one of the most exclusive views on the Adriatic coast. It is renowned for its famous hospitality for both business and leisure trips. Customizable services, refined cuisine and a modern Congress Centre to fulfill every traveller’s needs.

Hotel Ambasciatori Rimini

Hotel Ambasciatori Rimini 4 stelle S

The Hotel Ambasciatori in Rimini stands out by the high quality of service. Elegance and luxurious atmosphere, just a few meters from the shore, for your business trips or an indulgent city-break.

Hotel Biancamano Rimini

hotel biancamano rimini logo

The Hotel Biancamano is the perfect choice for families or business travellers. High quality level and warm and friendly Staff, just a few meters from the sea in the heart of Marina Centro.

Eventi e Congressi Rimini

Meeting & Events

The Maximilian’s Hotels in Rimini and Riccione for your next corporate events.

Hotel Piccadilly Rimini

Hotel Piccadilly Rimini 3 stelle

The Residence Hotel Piccadilly, in the heart of Rimini Marina Centro, is the ideal accommodation for families and friends who want to spend a nice and relaxing holiday. Perfectly located on the beach and at just a stroll from the most lively district in Rimini.



Make unique one of the most important moments in your life!


We believe that every journey is truly special, and offers moments of happiness long-lasting in one’s heart.
The greatest satisfaction is sharing these moments with you!
Maximilian’s Hotels stands out for its customized and dedicated top-notch service, excellence in comfort, and a great Hospitality tradition.
All our properties are ideally thought for a long term holiday, a business trip or an indulgent week-end.

Maximilian’s Hotels. Your seaside Hotel in Rimini and Riccione